Sunday, 9 September 2012

Help me to name my new collection

After first starting to sew over 3 years ago, I have finally put together my very first collection of designs to sell. I'm really excited if not a little nervous too.  I wanted my latest venture to be shared with friends, family and other like minded craft lovers, so I'm looking for your help to find a name for my collection.  I would love to use the chosen name for my collection and the winner will be given the chance to choose a piece to take away as a thank you! (Unfortunately I am unable to give away my patchwork baby quilts on this occasion).

I wanted my designs to build on traditional crafts but with a contemporary edge, and hopefully I've achieved that.  My appliqué and patterns have been inspired by woodland animals with contemporary colours and fabrics, and I wanted my clothing to be unique but functional too for little ones!

With the arrival of my friend Alex's first baby, I started making baby quilts/playmats.  Each I've designed independently and sewn by hand.

I love cushions, or is it just me? So naturally this was my next step.  I think my polka dot stag is my favourite.


Next came my nephew's 2nd birthday, and as a crafter what could I give as a present other than some handmade goodness?!  After browsing several infant sewing patterns, I was somewhat uninspired by the selection available for boys.  So here's what I came up with.

Leighton enjoyed playing on his new wiggle bug in his new trousers!

From there I moved on to girls clothing.

So that's it so far, thank you so much for spending the time to look through what I've been up to.  I would be so grateful to hear your suggestions, and I look forward to choosing my favourite.  You can send your replies to me via blogger or my twitter:


You can also find my shop on Folksy:

I will also be selling at Victoria Baths art and craft fair on 4th November, hope to see you there!