Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Inspiration from España

It was the most idylic setting and a beautiful holiday full of design inspiration.  The mountains of Andalucia provided the perfect setting for a yurt eco holiday.  The lovely Instagram app also helped to make some pretty pictures too!

I was particularly taken by the vintage fabrics and rugs used in the yurts.  The colour combinations really made this rug, almost timeless.  Sadly I was told it was one of a kind and not for sale!

This style followed through in the communal areas.  Flip flops had to be strictly removed inside to maintain the rugs, now that's dedication to vintage!

Such a simple idea with the seating area.  All hand made using recycled wood.  I think I can convince Oli to make this for me, and I'll provide the cushions.

When walking through the village, all staircases had beautiful tiled designs.  My favourite was this green design used on the staircase of the bullring.

So I might not be able to quit the day job and see out my days living in yurt soaking up the sun in Andalucia just yet, but with such a picturesque setting I couldn't help but be inspired!